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YouTuber racks up 10,000,000 views with only two videos documenting his very weird hobby

YouTuber racks up 10,000,000 views with only two videos documenting his very weird hobby

He's even selling his bizarre invention.

There are a lot of strange videos on YouTube, with many creators making bigger and more bizarre content in a bid to secure views.

The likes of MrBeast even organize large sets with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line for hopeful contestants.

But there is one YouTuber who has racked up millions of views with only two strangely specific videos.

Ben Walker uploaded his first video in May 2023 with an unusual mission - to make a fork entirely from salt.

His clip, titled, What if forks were made of salt?, earned him 9,603,288 views. In the description, he simply wrote, “it would be cool”.

Walker filmed the process of carving a fork from a block of salt, documenting numerous attempts before producing a finished prototype.

Testing out his creation, the YouTuber cooked a steak. Stabbing the meat with the fork, Walker said: “You kinda gotta suck on the fork. And every bite was indeed salty.”

Ben Walker has only uploaded two videos on his channel (YouTube/@bnwlkr)
Ben Walker has only uploaded two videos on his channel (YouTube/@bnwlkr)

Following the success of his video, many would assume that Walker would continue making wacky content but he never posted again.

That is until July 2024 when he finally uploaded a video for the second time, titled What if many forks were made of salt?

Speaking to the camera, Walker said: “The salt fork has yet to eclipse either the salt or fork industries. No doubt the result of deep political lobbying by big salt and big fork.

“Unfortunately for them I have a lot of free time. The first salt fork, god rest, took three frustrating, asphyxiating weeks to make.

“Mass production requires new methods - fortunately, I got some constructive feedback on the first video.”

Ben Walker carved the forks from a salt block (YouTube/@bnwlkr)
Ben Walker carved the forks from a salt block (YouTube/@bnwlkr)

Using a tile saw that sprays water onto the blade, Walker cut fork shapes out of salt bricks.

He continued: “I was running the tile saw and noticed that the saw blade was fracturing the salt slices. Not ideal since fork fragility is a big concern but I eventually found that slicing the salt with a blade intended for cutting glass got rid of the fracturing issue.”

Eventually, Walker managed to make 64 forks in one day and a few hundred over the next few days.

Now, the salt fork enthusiast is selling his creations for $27 a piece, adding: “Would you like a salt fork? I'll make you one.”

The two videos have gained over 10 million views and Walker now has 182,000 subscribers on his channel.

The YouTuber is now selling his invention (YouTube/@bnwlkr)
The YouTuber is now selling his invention (YouTube/@bnwlkr)

People took to the YouTube comment section to share their thoughts on Walker’s invention, with one user posting: “>Creates Salt Fork >Leaves for 1 year >Comes back >Sells us a Salt Fork >Leaves again.”

Another added: “This is such an oddly specific project to work on. I love that the internet allows people to share their oddly specific projects with us.”

A third said: “I so desperately want this stranger on the internet to succeed in his salt forks.”

A fourth joked: “The length that engineers are willing to go through to do anything other than engineering is impressive.”

Another user wrote: “Welp looks like I'm buying a piece of internet history.”

While one person is looking forward to the next instalment, adding: “Now you need to make a salt spoon.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@bnwlkr