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MrBeast creates the ‘world’s deadliest obstacle course’ in his ‘most intense video of all time’

MrBeast creates the ‘world’s deadliest obstacle course’ in his ‘most intense video of all time’

The terrifying challenge was 200 ft in the air

The biggest creator on YouTube, MrBeast, has reached a new level with his crazy video concepts by creating the world’s ‘deadliest obstacle course’ ever.

MrBeast - whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson - is known for his unique and high-quality videos, often involving people taking part in contests for large sums of cash.

Popular videos include his reenactment of Netflix’s Squid Game and a competition where the last person to leave a circle wins half a million dollars.

His content has earned him the place of most subscribed channel on the video-sharing site.

Now, MrBeast has upped the stakes yet again by creating an obstacle course for his ‘most intense video of all time’.

The willing participant taking on the terrifying challenge is Mack, who had previously failed to win previous games set by the YouTuber.

If successful in this video, he would be taking home a life-changing $800,000.

The course was made up of six different components - most of which took place 200 ft in the air.

In the first round, Mack was on a platform high in the sky and was tasked with reaching another platform using monkey bars.

Mack took on the challenges 200 ft in the air (YouTube/@MrBeast)
Mack took on the challenges 200 ft in the air (YouTube/@MrBeast)

Of course, this challenge isn’t actually ‘deadly’, if he lost his grip, Mack would plummet to the ground where a safety net would catch him.

Luckily, he was successful and took on more missions including an obstacle course over water and a high-rise path that spun as he moved across it.

For his final challenge, Mack was expected to complete it, once again, 200 ft above ground.

MrBeast told the camera: “Mack has lost $1.5 million [in previous videos]. Let's see if it becomes 2.3 million.”

MrBeast created the world's deadliest obstacle course (YouTube/@MrBeast)
MrBeast created the world's deadliest obstacle course (YouTube/@MrBeast)

After taking on part of the final challenge which involved moving across a rock-climbing wall, the YouTuber warned: “Mack, you're shaking your arms out a lot. You better save your strength. You know how it works. The hardest is still yet to come.”

For his last hurdle, Mack needed to jump onto four different circular platforms, each one smaller in size than the last.

The platforms were designed to look like Squid Game cookies, reminiscent of a MrBeast contest Mack had lost in the past.

With crack lines in the last two cookies, MrBeast said to Mack: “These two cookies have broken you just as much as you have broken them. Fail here and the chance to be lifted from the darkness, will be gone forever. Godspeed.”

Mack won a life-changing $800,000 (YouTube/@MrBeast)
Mack won a life-changing $800,000 (YouTube/@MrBeast)

Jumping onto the last and smallest cookie shaped platform, Mack landed to victory, with his family cheering from the ground.

When asked what he was going to spend the money on, the winner said: “I've got three friends of mine, childhood friends of mine. They don't have a lot of money. I'm gonna make sure they don't worry about money anymore. I mean, my life's changed now.”

The sweet gesture touched viewers, with one user commenting: "First thing he thought about doing with the money is helping his friends. He is truly a hero.”

Another added: “He’s not only won 800K, he’s also earned everyone’s respect.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@MrBeast