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Footage of what a dance floor looks like from underneath is leaving people seriously creeped out

Footage of what a dance floor looks like from underneath is leaving people seriously creeped out

At first glance, it looks like bugs under a microscope.

Sometimes, looking at something from a different angle can completely change your perception of it.

Take a dancefloor - and I'm not talking about the questionable dance moves.

Allow me to explain.

One curious individual shared an unusual view of a dancefloor from underneath, through a transparent ceiling.

The video sparked a flurry of reactions as many users initially mistook the moving feet for insects. Just take a look for yourself.

At first glance, it just looks like a lot of bugs crawling around an enclosed space, almost like they're under a microscope.

Some described it as an 'infestation' and others joked about it being 'a dancefloor for ants.'

'Ha ha, so trippy! I thought we were looking down and I was so confused - bugs? Shoes without people in them?,' one user wrote while another chimed in: 'The lack of rhythm makes them look like bugs lol'.

'I thought it was cockroaches running around on the glass crush. Only later did I realize it was people's feet,' another added, echoing the notion of many who initially saw the scene as something entirely different.

'This is disturbing for some reason,' one said.

Others called it 'trippy as heck' and said they 'hated it'.

Morsa Images / Getty
Morsa Images / Getty

A Harry Potter fan likened the moves to the fictional Marauder's Map, replying: 'I saw this and the marauders map was the first thing I thought of (after I realized they weren't ants lol).'

The viral post was shared on the thread r/Damnthatsinteresting and has reached over 41k upvotes and almost 1000 comments despite only being shared a couple of days ago.

Like most things on the internet, I'm not entirely sure why this sort of viewpoint exists or what it's purpose is, but it's unique nonetheless.

The Reddit thread is filled with tonnes of interesting posts of things to entertain people for hours from hydraulic presses to historical facts.

Another recent viral post showed a clip of an army of ants that lost their pheromone track and ended up circling each other until they'll eventually die of exhaustion.

The internet is an interesting place.

Featured Image Credit: u/chadowikku / Reddit / Morsa Images / Getty