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Man explores inside a pyramid in fascinating footage that’s triggering a new fear for viewers

Man explores inside a pyramid in fascinating footage that’s triggering a new fear for viewers

If you don't like tight spaces, this might not be one for you.

The pyramids at Giza are some of the most ancient and impressive man-made monuments on Earth.

Despite looking like imposing constructions that you couldn't possibly get inside, they're actually riddled with tunnels, complete with various chambers and side passages that branch off towards tombs and other rooms.

A recent Reddit post has given people a look inside these unbelievable sites in a way that plenty of people have never seen before, with a well-filmed journey through some of these internal tunnels.

It's an amazing sight, showing you just how cramped and low-ceilinged the whole complex is inside.

But the post on Reddit has had a huge wave of commenters saying the same thing: it all looks unbelievably claustrophobic. Not only is the space incredibly tight, but it looks long as heck - the host clambers down a lengthy tunnel that stretches almost as far as the eye can see.

And we can only imagine what it would have been like when it was built, without modern lighting and safety precautions in place.

One person wrote: "That triggers my claustrophobia so hard." Another chimed in: "Egyptians must've been short."

Others, though, were even more conclusive in their responses, with a popular reply reading: "The level of nope is strong here."

The video also ends with a quick shot of some stunning hieroglyphics on a large wall, seemingly in the same location, although eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit have been quick to question it.

Jasmin Merdan / Getty
Jasmin Merdan / Getty

One person commented: "This is two separate locations. I was in that pyramid exactly there are no hieroglyphics inside whatsoever."

So if you are set to visit the pyramids, make sure you're geared up for some tight spaces - and don't necessarily expect to see a whole bunch of hieroglyphics if you crawl down that particular tunnel.

The Great Pyramid at Giza is thought to have been built around 2543 BC, making it more than four thousand years old.

To be able to crawl through man-made tunnels that have lasted that long is completely wild, so for every person turned off by their claustrophobia there's probably someone else planning a trip to Egypt right now.

Even if you don't manage to get inside, you can still marvel at these extraordinary structures - and theorize, along with the rest of the world, about how they were created. Sure, the alien theory is fun - but experts largely suggest it the giant blocks of stone were transported using water.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Brundle Photography / Getty / u/bladerunnerism/Reddit