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Crazy impact that just 5 seconds on Venus would have on your body

Crazy impact that just 5 seconds on Venus would have on your body

Venus is sometimes called Earth's twin, but it's far from home.

Right now, there's a race between the wealthier fraction of society to head to space.

Elon Musk is devising plans to move civilisation up to the Red Planet for one. But have you ever thought about what it would be like to actually spend time on another planet? Even just for a few seconds.

Five seconds may be a bit too long if we were to look at, say, Venus.

Named after the Roman goddess of love, it's a planet associated with love and beauty. Ironically though, it doesn't offer much love or chance for survival if you were to enter its atmosphere.

Popular YouTube channel What If explores this idea in its video titled: 'What if you spent 5 seconds on Venus?' and the findings are pretty grim.

What If/ YouTube
What If/ YouTube

Given that NASA says Venus is 38 million miles (about 61 million kilometres) from Earth at its nearest point. Which means it would take you about four months to get there, according to What If.

Furthermore, Venus spins backwards, has no seasons and contains a super-thick atmosphere that traps heat in what is called a 'runaway greenhouse effect' - crowning it the hottest planet in our solar system.

Regardless, let's say you made it through and reached Venus.

Well to start, our orbital neighbour has an atmosphere with 'yellowish bands streaking across the sky' full of sulphuric acid'. So if you dare remove your helmet, you'd be greeted with the smell of rotten eggs.

But the bad smell is the least of your worries.

At 50 kilometres above the surface, the thick carbon dioxide atmosphere traps heat, making it scorching hot.

What If/ YouTube
What If/ YouTube

According to What If, as you descend further, the haze clears to reveal a 'rust-coloured surface covered in mountains and volcanoes.'

Hopefully, you visited Venus in protective gear because the temperature is hot enough to melt lead, we're talking 475 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit). Without your suit, you'd be crushed by the immense pressure. Even if your suit tore, What If described that the atmospheric pressure - 90 times that of Earth - would crush you instantly.

Oh also, breathing would be impossible - any attempt to do so would scald your mouth and throat immediately.

One slight positive (if you can call it that) as What If points out, is that the sulfuric acid clouds are so high that the toxic rain would evaporate before reaching you. So no need to worry about acid dissolving your skin and bones.

Not sure if that's enough to convince me to go, however!

Featured Image Credit: What If/ YouTube