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The inside of a spacesuit is nothing like people expected

The inside of a spacesuit is nothing like people expected

It’s certainly not how you might imagine it looks.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a spacesuit looks like?

Well, any thoughts you might have had are probably completely different to the real thing.

We often think of a spacesuit as a big, white onesie with a bulbous, fish bowl-like helmet on top, but we never think about what’s inside.

We're in luck, because a clear picture posted on Reddit reveals all - and it's blowing people's minds.

The photo appears to be the rear of a spacesuit, with the back part hinged open like a cupboard door.

It shows what seems to be a deep cavity to put the bottom half of your body into as well as arm holes.

There are also plenty of tubes and gas canister-looking parts fitted inside, which look suitably hefty to haul about.

The photo was posted onto Reddit’s ‘Damn that’s interesting’ thread, garnering more than 9,500 upvotes, leaving users with plenty of questions.

It prompted one user to say: “It's clear how you get into it, but getting out of it seems more complicated. Sure, there's no gravity, but your hands are in sleeves, your legs in internal "trousers", your head is up front…”

Another Redditor was impressed by how complex the suit is.

They wrote: “They’re basically suit sized spaceships right? Never really put much thought into how much technology is crammed packed into them.”

The top comment under the post appears to explain more details of the spacesuit and suggested the equipment might be of Russian design.

It looks to be the inside of an Orlan spacesuit, worn by Russian cosmonauts.
Stringer / Getty

“That's a Russian Orlan suit. US designs have torso, trousers, and helmet as separate pieces; the Russians went with a design that you climb into,” the user commented.

The Orlan suit, which means "sea-eagle" in Russian, is a semi-rigid one-piece suit that was built in 1977 and developed for the Soviet lunar program.

Russian cosmonauts still wear an Orlan suit when doing spacewalks.

What makes this suit different to the American EMU or Extravehicular Mobility Unit suit, is that the US design comprises of two pieces - which would surely be a lot easier to wear than the Orlan.

All we know is that you’ll need at least one of these suits to survive space after this video reveals your grim fate if you venture into the universe without one.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO / Contributor / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty