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Artemis 2 astronauts reveal what they'll miss the most when in space

Artemis 2 astronauts reveal what they'll miss the most when in space

The crew orbiting the moon next year tell us what they think will surprise people about going into space.

If you were heading into space to orbit the moon as an actual astronaut, imagining what you'd miss during that time could range from binging your favorite Netflix series to doomscrolling on Instagram.

But we found out firsthand from the four astronauts who'll be flying around the moon next year, the first moon crew in 50 years, what they will actually miss.

And it's not what you'd think...

The Artemis II crew will venture around the moon next year.
Suzanne Moore/PA

The Artemis II crew includes mission commander, Reid Wiseman, pilot Victor Glover and Christina Koch, who also holds the world record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, and they are joined by Canada’s Jeremy Hansen, who is a a former fighter pilot and their resident 'space rookie'.

Three of them - Glover, Koch and Wiseman - have all previously lived on the International Space Station, and they will be the first crew to fly NASA’s Orion capsule.

But they have other firsts - including being the first woman and the first African American assigned to a lunar mission.

But what are they going to miss most while they're up in space?

Speaking to UNILAD Tech exclusively, Reid Wiseman said: "Oh, this is gonna sound really weird. But I think what we're gonna miss is the two years that we have together right now.

"And when we launch, in nine days it'll all be over. And just taking that time to cherish this unique spot that we're in this unique opportunity that we have, we're gonna have to think really hard about that."

As if their space credentials weren't enough, they also appear in a new project with Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks.

American star Hanks, 67, has narrated an experience called The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks – which tells of missions to the moon and is currently showing at London's Lightroom.

Tom Hanks joined the astronauts in London.
Dave Benett / Contributor / Getty Images

With co-writer Christopher Riley, a Bafta nominated writer and director, Hanks brings to life Apollo missions also using NASA footage and images from Andy Saunders’ photographic book Apollo Remastered.

The Moonwalkers includes interviews with the Artemis II crew - who also told us what they think might surprise people about going into space.

"The thing we look forward to the most is bringing the mission back to everyone. That's actually one of the hugest parts of the mission," said Christina Koch.

"And how much hard work it takes, you know, it's easy to just watch the mission play out in real time. But people spend years in advance working on that. And so the teamwork that it takes to pull one of these off successfully, that's important to know," added Victor Glover.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Suzanne Moore / PA / CHANDAN KHANNA / Contributor / Getty