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Horrendous effect having no gravity for just 5 seconds would have on Earth

Horrendous effect having no gravity for just 5 seconds would have on Earth

It's not a pretty picture.

We all know the significance gravity has for human life, but it may be more important to us than you realise.

The reason we orbit the sun, have low and high tides, breathe oxygen and remain firmly secured to the ground is because of gravity - we can’t live without it.

Gravity is described as an attractive force by a planet or other body that draws objects toward its center.

The greater the mass, the greater the gravity and more gravity creates a stronger pull.

So, what if we momentarily went without gravity? What would really happen to us and our planet?

One YouTube video has revealed all and the results are truly horrifying.

The channel What If, which has more than 7 million subscribers and says that it "answers the grand speculative scenarios and bizarre possibilities we all may wonder about", has explained exactly what would happen if we lost gravity for just five seconds.

Brace yourself because the results are intense.

It’s important to remember the Earth spins at 1,600 km (1,000 mph), so the first thing that would happen without gravity is everything that was once secure won’t be anymore.

The video explains that everything from cars, trains, boats and planes would go flying before proceeding to show several airplanes falling apart like something out of a disaster movie.

The video added: “The Earth spins faster along the equator so the impact of zero gravity would be felt hardest there. Six times stronger than the ones produced by Hurricane Katrina.

“That means in just five seconds, you could be blown as far as 2.4 km (1.4 miles) in any direction. And not just you, there will be plenty of people, objects and animals to look out for.”

The clip also described how we’d have to tackle mid-air floods from the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

The clip also described how we’d have to tackle mid-air floods from the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

If that sounds terrifying, then this next detail could give you nightmares.

“At the same time, the gases in the atmosphere would drift out into space. Not only are we now losing huge amounts of oxygen, but the sudden and sharp drop in air pressure would instantly shatter everyone’s ears,” the video said.


As the Earth is held together by gravity, without it, the Earth’s inner core would start to expand causing mass earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

If we’ve survived potential mass flooding, then you’ll also need to keep an eye on lava flying through the sky.

Our world could also become nearly inhabitable if it were to drift across space outside of our Solar System.

“Out in space, the planets in our Solar System that normally orbit the Sun will instead start drifting away from it. Earth would follow its neighbors at a speed of 30km per second (19 miles per second)” the video explained.

Life without gravity sounds bad enough, but wait until you find out what happens when gravity comes rushing back.

The video said: “When gravity was restored, you’d hit the ground - hard. If the impact didn’t kill you or you weren’t crushed by a heavy object, you would still be severely injured.”

You may eventually catch your breath as gravity brings oxygen back down to Earth, but remember how the Earth’s core expanded? When it contracts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will continue causing havoc.

Not to mention the flooding from displaced oceans and other bodies of water.

“The casualties would be astronomical,” the video said.

“Not just from flying debris, lack of oxygen or simultaneous natural disasters, but because in those five seconds, without gravity, Earth’s crust literally opened up and swallowed several major cities.” Yikes.

It seems our chances on Earth without gravity are pretty grave.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: YouTube / What If