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Woman uses electric car to power son's dialysis machine during blackout

Woman uses electric car to power son's dialysis machine during blackout

A local woman's story from Queensland, Australia shows the benefits of owning an electric car in emergency situations.

One heartwarming story shows the remarkable capabilities of modern technology.

During a power outage in south-east Queensland, Australia, one mother acted fast to save her son's life.

Kristy Holmes, a 42-year-old woman from the Gold Coast, powered her 11-year-old son's dialysis machine with her electric car after their home lost power due to storms and flash flooding on Christmas Day.

BYD is a China-based Tesla alternative / BYD/mailsonpignata
BYD is a China-based Tesla alternative / BYD/mailsonpignata

Quick-thinking Holmes used her Atto 3 - a Tesla alternative by Chinese competitor BYD that isn't yet available in the US.

According to the report, the decision was a matter of life and death.

Holmes used her electric car's "vehicle to load" feature, which allows it to charge household appliances using the car's battery.

This feature allowed her to tap into the car's battery to run her son's dialysis machine, and it proved to be a literal lifeline for her son.

Holmes's son, who was set to go on a transplant list, would've otherwise had to be transported to Brisbane because of the blackout.

Holmes said: 'We ran it off the car. We only needed to use it for the one night. We could have run it for at least four nights and then have to go charge the car somewhere.'

It just goes to prove how handy it is to have a huge battery pack parked outside your home in case of emergencies.

Holmes stated after the incident: 'It’s the most amazing car I’ve ever owned. Now it’s been able to save my son during a storm, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a petrol car again.'

Holmes used her EV to save her son's life / 500px/Getty Images
Holmes used her EV to save her son's life / 500px/Getty Images

In fact, an increasing number of electric vehicle (EV) makers are manufacturing their vehicles to act as a power supply for people's homes.

So, EV owners can charge their devices such as laptops, TVs, and refrigerators, as well as other kitchen appliances.

And this isn't the only time EVs have stepped in to serve as a reliable power source during emergencies.

Holmes also admitted to using her EV to power her slow cooker to make mulled wine for a movie night, along with helping power her neighbours' fridge.

Other electric vehicle owners in the area also stepped up to help their community during the blackout. One local helped out their neighbours by using their Tesla Powerwalls - rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs - to power their home.

The local chemistry teacher Matt McLaughlin, who's also an EV owner, used his vehicle to help the community, offering emergency power to those who needed it.

Featured Image Credit: BYD/mailsonpignata/500px/Getty Images