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Woman accidentally records dropping her phone down the Grand Canyon and having it found still working by hikers

Woman accidentally records dropping her phone down the Grand Canyon and having it found still working by hikers

Against all odds, the phone was found safe and sound.

If you drop your phone down something as vast as the Grand Canyon, you'd probably think it was an absolute goner.

After all, the Arizona national park is home to a ginormous and steep canyon of red rock - surely there would be no chance of getting your beloved device back?

TikToker @sunnyst3ph was drinking in the view at the Grand Canyon, recording it all on her phone, when she was unlucky enough to drop her phone down the side of the cliff face.

joebelanger / Getty
joebelanger / Getty

Incredibly, the phone was absolutely fine, and kept recording the whole way down.

She posted the video on TikTok, where it's clocked up nearly 100k likes in under a week of being posted.

The video starts with the phone safely in the TikToker's hands, drinking in the beautiful view - before slipping from her grasp and hurtling down.

It keeps recording, showing a slightly nauseating trip to the bottom of the canyon, bumping off seemingly every rock in its path.

Then, a bunch of voices are heard - they seem to have stumbled on the phone. Hilariously, a child is heard asking if they can have it - but an adult with them says no, and they must have then returned it to its rightful owner.

The text over the video reads: "Whoever picked up my phone 40 mins after I dropped it off the Grand Canyon I love you thank you." And you can understand her appreciation - we can only imagine that the second she dropped her phone, she chalked it up as lost.

Matteo Colombo / Getty
Matteo Colombo / Getty

The TikToker captioned the video: "I can't believe it was recording the entire time" - and thank goodness it was, meaning we all get to see this absolute gem of a video.

The top comment under the video has racked up an incredible 90.4k likes, asking: "The real question is what kind of case you got on that phone lol." We're also desperate to know - our phone can barely survive being dropped off a table, let alone the side of the Grand Canyon.

A common thread in the comments section was all about how the phone managed to record that long a video.

"I'm most impressed with having space for 40 minutes of video," one person wrote, while another said: "Bro the storage on your phone must be elite."

You can watch the video on TikTok here.

Featured Image Credit: sunnyst3ph/TikTok