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Woman accidentally records her computer electrocuting both her and her boyfriend

Woman accidentally records her computer electrocuting both her and her boyfriend

This woman and her boyfriend got more than they bargained for - and it was all caught on camera.

Sometimes things happen that we wish we'd been recording, just to prove we weren't making anything up.

One TikToker managed to get both lucky and unlucky at the same time in one of those very situations recently, when she accidentally recorded her and her boyfriend both apparently getting electric shocks.

Business coach Jessica ( was apparently trying to record some training videos on her computer when her camera started acting up.

The video opens with her setting things up - her frozen screen then comes alive as the camera starts to work again, but without her realizing that she's still recording.

Then, out of nowhere, Jessica seems to gets a big electric shock - enough to give her a major jolt and send her out of the room to get her boyfriend to tell him what's happened.

From there, he comes in to check things out, and after unplugging her external microphone cord (cutting off the sound), he then seems to also get a major shock of his own - one that has him tumbling to the ground.

It's a pretty mad video - and while Jessica seems to suggest her computer is to blame for the electric shocks, it's pretty hard to tell what caused it.

Regardless, it's a good reminder that you should try to only use reliable chargers and extension cables, in case any of these were to blame. Plus, the video mentions her boyfriend physically stands on the power bank, which doesn't really feel like the best idea.

If your own laptop ever does anything like this, you'll want to unplug it (if it's plugged in) and either wait for it to run out of charge, or turn it off if it's safe to do so. From there your best bet is to contact the manufacturer to talk about repairs, since third-party battery replacements can sometimes lead to a situation like this one.

People in the comments under the video are in disbelief at it, too, although most of them are finding the humor in what looked unpleasant, but luckily wasn't a life-threatening situation.

One person wrote that the bit they found most hilarious was "the way he crept in like he thought it was gonna blow up". It's true that when she brings him into the room, Jessica's boyfriend looks extremely reluctant to get too close to the laptop.

That's a smart instinct, of course, given what happens next, and another user said: "The way I am devastated he unplugged the mike" - robbing us of the couple's reaction to the shenanigans that ensued.

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