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Warning issued against 'seemingly innocent' viral Instagram trend

Warning issued against 'seemingly innocent' viral Instagram trend

It might not be the best idea to share your personal details online in the 'get to know me' trend.

You might have seen the 'get to know me' trend floating around Instagram.

On face value, it seems like a bit of innocent fun. All you have to do is load up a pre-made template and answer the questions on there - including your age, height, birthday, if you have any tattoos, your favorite drink and more.

It's a classic trend for this time of year, when many of us are back home with a lot of time on our hands - and the hashtag #gettoknowme has racked up 445,388 hits on Instagram.

But there could be a darker side to the trend.

Eliana Shiloh, a cyber and strategic risk analyst at Deloitte based in Chicago, has posted a TikTok video warning people against the trend - and her post has racked up 196,000 likes and a whole lot of conversation.

Shiloh said she was initially tempted to do the trend as it did look like a lot of fun, but then was hit with the thought: she would then be inadvertently sharing the answers "to a lot of my security questions".

And this would potentially open her up to fraud.

"The creepy creeps of the cyber web, they're going to have a field day with this trend," Shiloh said - as hackers could potentially steal your identity with this information.

And Shiloh seems to know what she's talking about, adding: "This is the backed opinion of someone who works in cyber - but it also literally takes common sense."

The 'get to know me' Instagram trend has gone viral recently.
Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

So, what if you've already done the trend and posted your answers on Instagram?

Shiloh has an easy fix - delete it immediately.

And it's really resonating with people in the comments section.

"I THOUGHT THE SAMEEE THING," one TikToker exclaimed, and another added: "I almost did but DIDN'T because of what you just said."

But there's always the option of bamboozling cyberhackers entirely, with one TikToker writing: "See this is why when I do these trends I never answer them seriously."

Featured Image Credit: elshiloh/ TikTok/ Anadolu / Contributor/Getty Images