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Plans to build tallest skyscraper in the US are underway in an unlikely city

Plans to build tallest skyscraper in the US are underway in an unlikely city

Move over Manhattan, because this city wants to take the crown for the country's tallest skyscraper.

When you think of skyscrapers in the US, one city comes to mind before any others: New York.

With Manhattan now a nest of massive towers, in all varying shapes and sizes, it hardly even registers when a new addition arrives - which might be part of the reasoning behind an interesting choice of host city for a potentially major new project.

There are plans for what could become the tallest building in the entire US - and it's in Oklahoma City, rather than the Big Apple.

Matteson Capital and AO

The development is known as the Boardwalk at Bricktown, and the massive central tower has already been dubbed the Legends Tower.

The building was previously going to top out at 1,750 feet, but a redesign now has it aiming to reach 1,907 feet - which would make it the tallest building in the country. That spot is currently held by the One World Trade Center in New York, standing at 1,776 feet.

The proposed Oklahoma skyscraper would place it in the sixth spot in terms of the worldwide rankings, still a decent chunk behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 2,717 feet.

The whole project would actually have four towers - except three of them would be way, way smaller at about 345 feet tall, with only the fourth reaching up into the sky to such a crazy degree.

Of course, this is all pending planning permission, and you'd assume that for a project of this scale, we could be waiting quite a while for confirmation that it's definitely going ahead - let alone the amount of time it could take to actually build.

Joe Sohm/Visions of America / Contributor / Getty

It's what's called a mixed-use project, meaning it'll house restaurants, bars, two hotels, and masses of both commercial and residential space, basically looking a bit like a whole district in one big city block.

The Legends Tower would be way, way bigger than the current tallest building in Oklahoma City, which is Devon Energy Center at 844 feet - since this new one would be almost twice that height, you have to imagine that it'll completely dominate the skyline for miles around, which could be a big part of that planning application process.

Still, it's a really fast-growing city, so perhaps the idea is that this could be the spark to trigger a whole wave of investment and new construction to keep renewing it.

Featured Image Credit: Inverse Couple Images / Marco Bottigelli / Getty