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Cybertruck owners spot ‘invisible’ easter egg hidden inside the vehicle

Cybertruck owners spot ‘invisible’ easter egg hidden inside the vehicle

We know Tesla is a fan of an easter egg and this one is great.

Ever since the first Cybertrucks were delivered to customers last month, there's been no shortage of headlines about them.

After all, the Tesla cars with a futuristic-looking design are claimed to have the ability to be completely bulletproof and have been released with three models.

The cheapest starts at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200) while the high-end 'Cyberbeast' could set you back around $99,990 (£79,000), reports have said.

A car enthusiast has shared an 'invisible' Cybertruck easter egg
A car enthusiast has shared an 'invisible' Cybertruck easter egg

But price tag aside, a car enthusiast has shared a 'hidden' feature that may further excite car owners.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Nic Cruz Patane shared a sketch, writing alongside it: "There is a stamped Cybertruck Silhouette and hammer on the back side of the rear quarter panel. Tesla Easter Eggs are fun".

It's not the first Cybertruck-related Easter egg though.

Other users recently spotted something on the official Cybertruck webpage.

The picture that greets you on the webpage is of a Cybertruck against a moody, dark landscape. And everything looks static on the page, but if you wait a few minutes, you'll see what looks like a passenger appear in the vehicle.

And it's none other than a version of the "meme hedgehog" used by Tesla to confirm orders, reports

The Cybertruck was first revealed in prototype form back in November 2019 where it was promised that production would begin.

According to Tesla, it is "faster than a sports car" - it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds - and has an "ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton" paired with "shatter-resistant Armor Glass" - which can apparently resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph.

Last week crowdfunded data claimed to have worked out which US state pre-ordered the most Cybertrucks. And it was California who totalled with the most pre-ordered of an estimated 749 Cybertrucks - specifically, the city of Los Angeles.

Texas was not far behind with its major cities of Austin (617), Dallas (649), and Houston (563) securing the top four positions respectively.

But, the data presents California twice - first as 'Los Angeles, CA' in the first position and then solely as 'California' in the fifth position.

Therefore, it's safe to say the East coast US state exceeds the number of reservations for any other US state.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Carwow / YouTube / @‌niccruzpatane / X