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Shocking ring doorbell footage captures 'close shave' moment crane smashes straight into family home

Shocking ring doorbell footage captures 'close shave' moment crane smashes straight into family home

That was a close call!

A Ring doorbell camera captured some pretty hairy footage last week after a huge crane carrying a container tipped over and crashed straight into a family home.

The footage, captured in Atherton, Wigan, showed a woman chatting to her young daughter who was cycling around their driveway on a bike.

In the background, a lorry can be seen parked across the road, with a crane launched in the air holding a large metal container.

The crane slowly starts to tip, appearing to buckle under the wait of the load and the girl’s mother can be heard shouting, “Quick, quick, run!”, to her daughter who very quickly ran towards the house and out of harm’s way.

Seconds later, other shouting and screaming can be heard as the lorry completely tips on its side, resulting in the container smashing across the driveway and into the family home, narrowly missing both the woman and her young daughter.

The container stops just inches in front of the doorbell camera and after a brief pause and some expletives, the woman can be heard saying, “It’s okay, we’re alright, don’t worry!”, while the little girl can be heard crying in the background.

Luckily, no one was hurt following the extremely close call and the end of the clip, posted on Reddit, shows someone walking around the property filming the building work taking place to repair the damage.

Reddit users were left entirely stunned by the video, but more so by the woman, who seemingly remained completely composed during such a terrifying incident.

“Amazing composure from her. She did a great job making sure everyone was okay and even reassuring people on the other side who no doubt feared the worst,” one user wrote in the comment section.

“She was brilliant! Stayed super calm and got the girl out of the way, and then had the presence of mind to reassure the poor operator - even her tone is calm and assured,” another chimed in.

“Very lucky family and fab safety consciousness from the mum. Good on the little girl for listening,” a third added.

Another wrote: “This will be used in safety training videos for a long time.”

Featured Image Credit: u/Glum-Garage7893/Reddit