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Woman finds out her husband is cheating on her after discovering app disguised as a calculator on his phone

Woman finds out her husband is cheating on her after discovering app disguised as a calculator on his phone

The Redditor explained how her spouse had been hiding intimate photos and videos from her.

A Redditor discovered her husband was committing infidelity after noticing a hidden app on his smartphone.

Due to there being almost two million apps available on the Apple App Store and 3.3 million Android versions on the Google Play Store, it’s fair to assume there’s an app for almost anything these days.

One woman however received a shock when she realised a calculator app on her spouse’s mobile phone was being used to store compromising images and videos of ‘disgusting acts’.


Taking to Reddit, the woman claimed she was initially suspicious of the calculator and waited until her hubby had gone to bed to peruse the new download.

Despite being met with a passcode, the social media user hacked into the app and realised it was being used to keep his secrets safe.

“It turns out he’s been cheating on me with a woman who I assume is his coworker (based off the text conversations that were saved) for about 7 or so months as far as I could tell,” she alleged.

“There were screenshot conversations, nudes of her, and worst of all there were photos and videos of them TOGETHER. Not out and about or anything, just all sexual in nature.”

The woman claimed that in a particular video, her husband and his colleague were in the passenger seat of the family car when the latter complained about being cold.

“This f****ng slime-ball paused, reached into the backseat and GRABBED OUR TODDLER SONS BLANKET and wrapped it around her,” she typed to the popular TrueOffMyChest thread.

Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty

“I was shaking at this point and could not watch any further as this crossed a line in my brain that almost made me snap. But somehow I remained calm, put his phone back, and went to go sleep in our son’s room for the rest of the night.”

According to Qustodio, the Redditor is referring to a type of security app called a ‘calculator vault’.

These vaults are specifically designed to look like a regular application on the surface but are used to store and conceal images and videos.

Moreover, you can also place confidential documents, notes, contacts and even to-do memos in these password-protected vaults.

The Redditor claimed that she has since called a divorce lawyer and plans to go back into the vault to collect evidence.

“I’m embarrassed beyond belief and I am quite disgusted at the lengths he would go to 1. save conversations and photos/videos of these rendezvous and 2. try to make this woman ‘feel comfortable’ by involving our son blanket in his disgusting act,” she added.

Following the admittance, fellow social media users have come out in their droves to offer advice.

One Reddit user wrote: “Please record evidence of this on your phone before telling him you know. Also delete this post in case he sees it and clears his phone.”

A second echoed: “You need to get evidence fast before he deletes them. Take down this post before the TikTokers make it into a clip.”

“Utterly despicable. Like someone else mentioned make sure you get tested. Protect yourself,” penned another.

Someone else commented: “Hope you get the divorce papers you need. This is horrible.”

Featured Image Credit: Peter Cade / DeFodi Images News / Contributor / Getty