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Psychologist reveals seven texting habits of a narcissist to look out for

Psychologist reveals seven texting habits of a narcissist to look out for

There's clear signs.

Your phone habits can say a LOT about you.

From the lingo you use, to when and where you decide to wind down with some screen time, it can reveal characteristics you didn’t even know you possessed.

Do you and your partner both get into bed and immediately turn your attention to your devices? Well, there’s a name for it - Parallel scrolling.

Too reliant on your smartphone? You could be suffering from nomophobia.

But it doesn’t end there.

JulPo / Getty
JulPo / Getty

A psychologist has recently issued a warning surrounding texting habits to look out for, as they could point to being a narcissist.

Dr Kerry McAvoy, who specializes in helping abuse victims and has been a psychologist for more than 20 years, says there’s seven key signs that you could be overlooking.

Speaking to TikTok, she shares what characteristics you can expect to find in messages from narcissists, and how they could be found in texts from family members and friends.

1. Expect you to immediately respond

A narcissist could expect you to be available for them at all times of the day.

'And if you don't, they want to know if you're too busy for them,' McAvoy explained.

An example of this kind of text could be: 'I need to talk to you,' 'Respond to me now,' and 'What are you doing that you can't respond to me?'

2. Send mass sentimental texts

They will also 'find some sentimental message and then they cut and paste it to a whole bunch of people' - including old lovers, friends and prospective new partners - to spread their 'love and attention far and wide' in hopes of getting the same responses in return.

3. They are overly attached to their phone

Narcissists are obsessed with having their phone around them, 'like they were born with the thing, McAvoy says.

This is so they have immediate access to other people's sentimental text messages and comments on social media.

Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty
Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty

4. They don't respond to your texts promptly

Although they want immediate responses from you, they won’t treat your messages ‘'with the same level of priority.'

This is largely down to control and gaining dominance over the situation.

5. Send explicit messages too soon

'[Narcissists] think it's okay to send explicit text messages and photos, even before you know each other or the relationship has proceeded that far,' Dr McAvoy told her followers.

6. Send incomplete, anxiety-inducing text messages

Dr McAvoy warned that narcissists might send shorter text messages, that lean towards something being wrong, without any follow up.

This is to leave you feeling unbalanced and confused.

An example of this could be a message like: ‘I had fun today. Even though I’m feeling weird now. Thanks,’ leaving you to question what you did to make them feel that way.

7. Consistently send the same photo, song or video

They want to stay on your mind and keep you coming back so they have constant validation that you’ll do the same.

It's 'a way to remind you how special you are and to keep you on an emotional hook,' said Dr McAvoy.

This could include sending you the same memory, song, or photo over and over again in order to emotionally manipulate you into feeling a certain way.

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