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People warned about ‘the most evil website on the internet’ that's impossible to leave once you click on it

People warned about ‘the most evil website on the internet’ that's impossible to leave once you click on it

Reader discretion is advised.

Whilst the most used source to gather information and find interesting things you'd never heard of before, the internet is also home to a vast array of misleading and dangerous websites.

Even though the dark web serves as a hub for black markets, illicit activities, and other unsettling content, what's more worrying is to see these terrifying websites make their way to the normal internet, traumatising unbeknownst users.

There's quite a bunch of them as well, so much so that TikTokers have created horror channels to describe these dark corners of the World Wide Web.

The TikTok trend emerged where creators explore these 'shock sites,' detailing their content and the extent of their horror for their audience.

 Philipp Katzenberger / Unsplash
Philipp Katzenberger / Unsplash

As described by TikTok creator @Sp0uk_, known as Spooky, one site is 'the most evil website on the internet' as it pretends to promote women's empowerment but in fact, has a much darker intention.

*Distress warning*

Instead of users expecting to read more information about the subject, they are met with harmful scripts that would essentially take over their computer.

These scripts lock users' controls, force the website into full-screen mode, increase the volume to max and then play disturbing and very graphic videos on their screen without consent.

'As soon as you hit the enter button, it is impossible to leave that website unless you unplug your computer,' the TikToker explained.

Task manager and other means do not work.

The disgusting website prevents users from exiting, making the computer nearly unusable unless the user does a forced restart.

Andrew Brookes / Getty
Andrew Brookes / Getty

It's what's known as a 'bait and switch' website - misleading users with the façade of female empowerment only to expose them to horrifically violent content of tortured women.

These types of findings people come across are a dark reminder of the dangers of the internet - and just what kind of people we walk alongside on this planet.

Luckily, things like adblockers, antivirus software and VPNs mean you're less likely to come across these types of websites, as they're usually shielded before you would even spot them, but you're never really 100% protected.

That said, please don't feel tempted to look these websites up yourself.

It's never worth it and you'll only end up regretting what you do.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Brookes / Getty / TikTok/spOuk