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The internet is divided after MrBeast's controversial presidential announcement

The internet is divided after MrBeast's controversial presidential announcement

The X post blew up in a matter of hours.

It's been a crazy few weeks of election build-up in both the UK and the US.

People are torn about where to cast their votes (and trust), while others have been set from the start.

In the US, former president Donald Trump and current president Joe Biden are currently head-to-head for the upcoming November elections, with both left as the main contenders.

But, amidst all the action, MrBeast threw a curveball into the mix with a controversial statement.

'If we lower the age to run for president I’ll jump in the race,' the wildly popular YouTuber posted on X.

For those wondering, the current minimum age to run for president in the United States is 35 years old. Mr Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is currently 26.

MrBeast's comment, which was posted on July 6, blew up on social media, racking up over 15 million views in just a few hours.

The post received over 30 million views in total but not all the responses have been positive.

'Would you still make YouTube videos if you were president?,' the first user questioned.

To which MrBeast replied with: 'I’d probably focus on running the largest economy on earth'.

Another user commented: 'The funniest part about this is that you’d likely win'.

Even biohacker Bryan Johnson chimed in, writing: 'Honestly, same'.

As you'll know, MrBeast gained YouTube fame from his viral challenges and more recently, his philanthropic actions.

Giving away 26 free Tesla vehicles to celebrate his 26th birthday to name one, to building villages, giving away free food, and donating to the homeless.

Brendon Thorne/Stringer / Getty
Brendon Thorne/Stringer / Getty

However, some people weren't so sure about the YouTuber's capabilities in the political world, claiming he should 'sit this one out.'

Another more negatively wrote: 'Why would you make a good president? You’re just a youtuber' and another straight up said: 'No thanks.'

Meanwhile, others saw the humour in the situation, suggesting it would make an epic YouTube video.

'That would be the ultimate YouTube video,' another wrote.

This isn't the first time the YouTuber has shown interest in being president.

In 2022, he mentioned on the Tiny Meat Gang podcast that he might consider running 'in like 20 years.'

He said: 'I think when I’m 40. Because I do think presidents are just getting way too f**king old. Especially by then, a lot of the older people in America will die out and there will be more people around our age.

'I think we’re due for younger presidents.'

Featured Image Credit: Brendon Thorne/Stringer / Don Arnold/Contributor / Getty