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Here’s how AI can help find your perfect match this Valentine's Day

Here’s how AI can help find your perfect match this Valentine's Day

Single on Valentine's Day? Apps using artificial intelligence could help you couple up.

If Valentine's Day has got you feeling romantic, you might open a dating app and start swiping.

Things can get tiresome quickly if you just find yourself swiping left on every potential match - but artificial intelligence (AI) could be the solution you're looking for.

Enter Iris Dating: an app that uses predictive AI to help show you prospective dates you might actually like.

Luis Alvarez / Getty

The app apparently learns what you like as you use it, in just the same way that Spotify starts to get a handle on what music you like as you listen to more tunes.

This means that just like a generated playlist, Iris Dating can theoretically create lists of potential matches that fit into your tastes and preferences.

Now, that's a bit of an interesting idea when you consider the risk that it starts to pigeonhole you and only give you one type of potential match, or if you fall into the cracks yourself and don't get shown to many people, but we're the realms of speculation there.

Dr Igor Khalatian, founder and CEO of Iris Dating, told "We build an algorithm just for you by learning your tastes and we predict who you find attractive, and then we show those people to you. We want you to find a real person who also happens to be the person of your dreams."

This isn't the only way that dating apps are using AI right now, either - Teaser AI is another addition to the genre.

Malte Mueller / Getty

It's pretty futuristic, too - once you match with someone, you don't actuallychat to them right away. Instead, your AI profiles will exchange details and pleasantries to assess how likely you are to actually meet up.

You'll then be able to review the AI-generated conversation and decide whether to meet up based on that - which certainly is putting a whole lot of trust in AI, if you ask us.

Thankfully, you still do get the opportunity to chat before having to meet up, and the app says that its AI conversations are often ice-breakers for you to use to actually kick off a chat, all of it with the aim of reducing the likelihood of dead conversations and ghosting.

All of this comes hot on the heels of a recent viral story about an American man wooing and getting engaged to a Mexican woman all with the help of AI translation software, so it's clear that AI is spreading through our dating lives without much hesitation.

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