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Walmart reveals the Xbox Series S toaster with the ability to imprint the Xbox logo on your toast

Walmart reveals the Xbox Series S toaster with the ability to imprint the Xbox logo on your toast

This Xbox-themed toaster is pretty much a must for the gamer in your life.

If you're a diehard Xbox fan and you love breakfast, have you ever thought about how to combine your two passions?

OK, this thought might not have crossed your mind - but someone out there has considered it, and decided to come up with the Xbox Series S toaster.

No, this is not a very early April Fool's - it's an actual thing.

The gadget toasts the Xbox logo onto the bread - because who wouldn't want that?

The sleek white toaster has black accents, and is modelled on the design of Microsoft's Xbox Series S gaming console.

When you pop in your bread, it will be toasted with the Xbox sphere logo.

This toaster isn't just a gimmick either - it actually (shock horror) functions like your average kitchen appliance.

In fact, it's got all the settings you'd want in a toaster - such as six shade settings, an LED countdown timer, a removable crumb tray and a no-burn outer surface.

The toaster costs $39.99 from Walmart - it's currently sold-out online, but hopefully gaming enthusiasts will be able to source one in-store somewhere.

And if you did manage to get your hands on the toaster, it would sit nicely next to the Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge (currently on sale at Walmart for $39.94).

The toaster would sit nicely next to the Xbox-themed fridge.

Made to look like the Xbox Series X console, it has a boxy black exterior and bright green interior - meaning you can keep drinks and snacks nearby while you game.

Who knows what will be next in the world of Xbox-themed gadgets? Maybe a microwave, coffee machine or kettle. Pretty soon, maybe you'll be able to have a whole Xbox-themed house.

And these gadgets merely scratch the surface in gaming-themed household appliances no one ever asked for.

Whether it's a Pokemon popcorn machine or waffle maker, a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired slow cooker or a Nintendo travel mug, it turns out there's a whole lot of items if you want to kit out your kitchen, gamer-style.

Featured Image Credit: Walmart