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Twitch streamer’s setup bursts into flames during bowling competition

Twitch streamer’s setup bursts into flames during bowling competition

It's certainly one dramatic way to end a livestream.

There's always something dramatic happening somewhere on Twitch - demonstrated by Finnish streamer TurunPug this week.

He was taking part in a local bowling tournament when a streamer's nightmare descended on him.

The livestream showed his backpack full of equipment, spare batteries and more, spontaneously bursting into flame just as he was preparing to take a shot at the pins.

You can see this in a clip from his original livestream, which freezes abruptly as he scrambles to deal with something off-screen, while his chat continues to scroll as people react.

In later streams, TurunPug has pieced together what happened by finding different camera angles, including CCTV footage from the venue that shows everything from above, from a ceiling-mounted camera.

From that vantage point, you can see that things were actually way more dramatic than they initially looked, as big flames erupt from the rapidly melting backpack.

To his credit, TurunPug reacts really quickly, picking the bag up and running outside with it to avoid it spreading the fire to anywhere or anything else - something that the bowling alley's owner will doubtless be grateful for.

In fact, that action cost him even beyond the lost equipment, as he suffered burns to his hand and wrist, which is no surprise once you view that clip - those are serious flames.

It's hard to know exactly what started the fire, although battery packs can degrade over time and occasionally suffer failures like this, but what's more certain is that this has cost the streamer a decent whack.

While huge streamers might make enough money to replace all the equipment in just a day, those operating at lower view counts can't really afford such disasters.

Hopefully, TurunPug can bounce back, and maybe even find a silver lining in the form of new viewers, since the fire has put his name in the spotlight.

It's not the first time TurunPug has hit the headlines - he's previously exploded a car with dynamite on a livestream, although that stunt was a whole lot more controlled than this accidental fire.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/ Turunpug