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Popular 90s game branded ‘weirdest computer game ever’ amongst ex players who are now realising how strange it was

Popular 90s game branded ‘weirdest computer game ever’ amongst ex players who are now realising how strange it was

Some are only realising how weird the game was years later.

Video games are full of the weird and wonderful.

Many classic games are becoming valuable collector's items which is leading people to reminisce about some of the games they used to play when they were younger.

Some of these people considered unsuitable for their age at the time, and are only realising the weirdness of them years later.

One Reddit user opened up a discussion to find the weirdest game that people have played.


A popular 90s game called Leisure Suit Larry came out on top.

Developed by Sierra Entertainment, Leisure Suit Larry is an adult-themed s*xual comedy game that could be played on the PC, Microsoft's DOS and Apple II.

The point-and-click computer game featured Larry Laffer as the protagonist - a middle-aged man known for his iconic leisure suits and womanising ways.

Living in the 1970s with an outdated leisure suit, Larry's goal is to score women whilst, with the player's help, "find the woman of his dreams."

The women always shoot Larry down at first but he usually succeeds when he offers them pretty lavish gifts.

Some women don’t fall for it, but it's up to the player to help Larry win them over essentially.

One Reddit user reminisced on the thread: "when I was too young to understand I used to play Leisure Suit Larry that my older brother had installed. I didn't understand the appeal it just seemed weird to me."

Another fan commented on the developers of the game as a whole, writing: "Sierra games was the shit in the 90s."

The game's original release was called: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, which to be honest, has to be the most PG-rated title of all in the franchise.


The series became a huge hit releasing several more games over the years of 1987 to 2020.

And as of 2011, the series sold 10 million copies with Sierra co-founder Ken Williams describing Leisure Suit Larry as the company's most famous franchise.

Other solid contenders for the weirdest games included Rock Simulator. I'll let the Reddit user describe this one: "You're a rock. That's it.

"You can level up and buy skins, but you can't really do anything, because, well, you're a rock".

Papers, Please also got an honourable mention. In this Sony PS Vita puzzle game, players take on the role of a border control officer who checks people's documents and fingerprints to determine who can enter the country.

Other users pointed out Desert Bus as being "widely regarded as the worst video game ever."

Featured Image Credit: u/mkvelash/Reddit / Owen Franken / Getty