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Android users can finally send blue messages to iPhones

Android users can finally send blue messages to iPhones

Sick of being judged for green bubbles when you text? This tech company has figured out a workaround for Androids.

There are two types of mobile phone users in the world: those with green message bubbles, and those with blue ones.

There’s always been a divide between people with Android devices – meaning their text messages appear green – and iPhones, who have the coveted iMessage blue bubble.

But now, that divide is being bridged – thanks to a new messaging solution from a London-based tech company.


Tech brand Nothing is launching Nothing Chats on November 17, meaning text messages sent from an Android Nothing phone can be delivered via a blue bubble.

“At Nothing, we strive to bridge the gaps between people and technology. We understand that the blue bubble vs. green bubble dilemma, especially in North America - although seemingly ridiculous - is real,” said Carl Pei, Co-founder and CEO of Nothing.

You can’t deny the cultural divide between Android and iPhone users – and it’s strangely hierarchical in how those with iMessage blue bubbles are seen as superior.

“We want to remind consumers that they do have a choice when it comes to device selection and that their daily behaviors should not be dictated by any one company,” continued Pei.


Nothing hasn’t shied away from apparent cheeky digs at Apple – in a video introducing the new feature, Pei starts by saying: “I’m working under the assumption that Tim Cook isn’t going to watch this video.”

Nothing was founded in 2020, aiming to provide an ‘alternative ecosystem of tech products’. This year, it launched the Phone (2) – with prices starting from $599.

Nothing Chats was developed in partnership with US tech company Sunbird, with all messages being end-to-end encrypted for security.

Phone (2) users can download Nothing Chats from the Google Play Store – it will be available in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and other European countries, including Norway and Switzerland.

We’ll let you know if Tim Cook actually does end up watching that video…

Featured Image Credit: Future Publishing/ NurPhoto /Getty Images