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Urgent iPhone warning you can't afford to ignore

Urgent iPhone warning you can't afford to ignore

Change your passwords immediately.

Apple users are being advised not to ignore an important notification on their phones.

The iPhone pop-up reads: 'This password has appeared in a data leak, which puts this account at high risk of compromise. You should change your password immediately.'

It's a cause for concern because it only appears if one of the passwords saved in your Apple keychain has been breached. This means your accounts could be at risk and potentially fall into the hands of hackers.

Apple's iOS technology scans leaked passwords and alerts you if any of your saved passwords have been compromised. Sadly, even strong and unique logins can turn up in leaks.

So, if you come across this pop-up, don't ignore it. Change your password.


You can either choose a strong password generated by your iOS device or create your own password combination.

'When you create and store your own passwords for websites and apps, iPhone automatically identifies common weaknesses (for example, if they’re easily guessed or used multiple times),' Apple explained.

'iPhone can also securely monitor your passwords and alert you if they appear in known data leaks.'

If you have accidentally (or intentionally) swiped this pop-up off your screen, you can still change any compromised passwords in your iPhone settings.

In Settings, tap on Passwords, then Security Recommendations. Then, select the affected account and tap on the Password field.

Apple also suggests the option to Copy Password so you can paste it where needed if you're setting up a new password for instance.


Confirming Change Password will update your password on the website or app.

Apple made changing and storing passwords an easy process by integrating its login method with many online accounts.

The tech giant stated that if the website or app you're trying to create a password for allows you to use 'Sign in with Apple', you can 'take advantage of the security and convenience of that feature.'

If you don't have the option, however, 'many accounts allow iPhone to automatically create a strong password that you don’t have to remember.'

Either way, make sure not to leave your compromised password alone and make sure it's not on the most commonly used passwords of 2023.

Here are some tips on creating a strong password:

  • Use special characters
  • Never reuse a password
  • Avoid using personal information
  • Never tell your password to anyone.
Featured Image Credit: KucherAV/Getty / Apple

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