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This iPhone 17 display rumor could be enough to make you skip iPhone 16

This iPhone 17 display rumor could be enough to make you skip iPhone 16

The 2025 model will potentially have a major upgrade.

Sure, we don't yet know anything about Apple's iPhone 16 - but rumors are already swirling about the following model, the iPhone 17.

Korean tech site The Elec is reporting that the 2025 edition of the iPhone 17 could bring a massive upgrade to its display, matching the current Pro phones.

It's all about refresh rates - right now, the only way to get a refresh rate over 60Hz on an iPhone is to spring for one of the Pro models, which are more expensive. People have been waiting for smoother refresh rates to come to the standard iPhone for a few years, and it looks like the iPhone 17 will be the one to add it.

Apple store
Apple store

There could be another welcome little bonus feature, too, in the form of an always-on display that can dim to display the time or notifications - even if the phone isn't in use, which would be seriously useful.

These are features that currently help to sell the iPhone 15 Pro, but the way supply chains work means that Apple was always likely to eventually bring them to normal iPhones.

After all, when it first launched, the Dynamic Island was a Pro-only feature, but it's now available on the iPhone 15 as standard, waving goodbye to the days of a notched display.

Still, the new display would be a really major upgrade compared to the sometimes smaller changes that Apple brings to the iPhone each year, and it could be enough to mean that you might want to consider skipping the 16 later this year if it doesn't have the tech yet.

VW Pics / Contributor / Getty

After all, it's quite rare to get a sense of what the next iPhone will bring to the table before committing to buying a new one, so even though Apple hasn't confirmed anything, this could be a useful teaser.

The good news isn't just limited to standard iPhone buyers, though - if Apple is bringing what it calls ProMotion (high refresh rates, basically) to the iPhone 17, then it'll be faced with a challenge to make the iPhone 17 Pro demonstrably better than the base model.

So, you can bank on some fun new features for the Pro models that year, too, whether that means serious camera upgrades, a new design or any number of other options.

On the other hand, the downside to these rumors is that we absolutely won't hear anything from Apple on them for a long while - it's famously tight-lipped where the iPhone is concerned, and doesn't ever tend to comment on reports like these.

Featured Image Credit: John Keeble / Contributor / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty