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Video leak suggests new Apple iPhone 16 will have game changing new button for selfie fans

Video leak suggests new Apple iPhone 16 will have game changing new button for selfie fans

Regular selfie-takers will love the ease of this button.

Apple's next iPhone is still about three months away, but the hype is real.

Back in February, there were leaks on the X platform suggesting that the tech giant was implementing some of its previous iPhone designs into the iPhone 16.

Other tech leakers shared what looks to be some improvements to the iOS camera.

Now, a leaked video clip posted on X may give us the best glimpse yet of what to expect for the tech giant's upcoming launch.

The clip shows a case for the iPhone 16, supposedly moulded to fit the new phone's exact specs.


It suggests the iPhone 16 will feature a new button on the right-hand side, which could change the game for selfie fans.

The video was posted by @UniverseIce - a reliable tipster according to TechRadar.

In the clip, the edge of the case clearly contains a slot called the 'Capture Button.' Users could reportedly press the button to activate the camera much faster than the conventional way.

This is great for those moments you need to capture quickly, i.e. not to waste time if you're taking a pic with a celebrity.

There'll no longer be a need to tap the screen to snap your shot or start your video recording as it will be done with a single press of the Capture Button.

This detail is supported by previously leaked image renders that show the new button in the same position. It looks to be below the existing power button on the right edge of the screen.

Annice Lyn/Stringer/Getty
Annice Lyn/Stringer/Getty

Additionally, the new clip suggests the camera lenses on the back will be arranged vertically rather than diagonally - which seems to be Apple's way of bringing back designs from its older models.

Other reports suggest that it could have to do with the new Vision Pro headset.

Like last year's iPhone 15, the iPhone 16 is expected to come in four versions: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

However, it's not certain whether all four models will get the Capture Button, or which model the case in the new clip is designed for.

What we do know is the new range is expected to be the most expensive smartphone that Apple has ever launched.

Featured Image Credit: @universeice/X / Annice Lyn/Stringer/Getty