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Rolls-Royce is building unbelievable $13 billion nuclear-proof 'doomsday' plane with unexpected feature

Rolls-Royce is building unbelievable $13 billion nuclear-proof 'doomsday' plane with unexpected feature

The planes are being built to withstand national emergencies.

Rolls-Royce is teaming up with the US Air Force to create what has been described as a 'Doomsday plane'.

Now, the name may sound a little off-putting, especially for you nervous flyers, but installed within it is sufficient prep for worst-case scenarios.

These E-4B planes are part of the Air Force's Survivable Airborne Operations Center (SAOC) project - also known as 'Nightwatch.'

They are heavily modified, militarised Boeing 747-200s, normally used to transport the secretary of defence.

There are currently four of these planes, each capable of seating up to 111 people - including important figures like the US president, the secretary of defence and the joint military chiefs in an emergency.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

With so many VIPs aboard, the plane must have unique features that aren't found on regular planes.

As such, they can also be used as airborne command posts in the events of national emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks - and even nuclear attacks.

The E-4Bs have communication equipment that can withstand radiation from a nuclear blast and can be refuelled in the air to ensure they always stay operational.

Outside of defences, the planes also include a conference room, command work area, a space for an operations team, a briefing room, break rooms and communications spaces.

Rolls-Royce got involved after the Pentagon awarded a $13 billion contract to defence giant Sierra Nevada Corporation to develop the next generation of these planes.

David Syphers/Unsplash
David Syphers/Unsplash

Adam Riddle, president of defence at Rolls-Royce, expressed the company's excitement about the project, saying: 'For decades, Rolls-Royce has powered military operations around the world with reliable, cutting-edge technologies – safely transporting service members on their missions.

'Now, we are proud to pair our proven pedigree with the collective expertise of Sierra Nevada Corporation and the rest of the SAOC team to ensure our military leaders have the platform to protect our national security when it matters most.'

Jon Piatt, an executive vice president at Sierra Nevada, added: 'Sierra Nevada Corporation is very excited to collaborate with Rolls-Royce, putting its vast experience to work on this crucial Air Force mission.

'We are certain that Rolls-Royce will prove a valuable partner in maintaining a strategic edge to protect the country when it matters most.'

It's believed Rolls-Royce was chosen for this project due to its expertise in nuclear energy and radiation - a prominent feature in the 'doomsday' plane.

The contract for the new project is expected to run until July 2036.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty / US Air Force