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Man spent 50 hours driving the world’s smallest car and looked ridiculous next to normal sized vehicles

Man spent 50 hours driving the world’s smallest car and looked ridiculous next to normal sized vehicles

The tiny microcar has three wheels and no seatbelt.

It certainly seems like cars are getting bigger and bigger.

Whether it's the Cybertruck or an electric Hummer, vehicles are getting supersized - but one YouTuber went the opposite direction, when he drove the world's smallest car on an epic road trip.

British creator WillNE (real name Will Lenney) pulled the stunt in 2022, borrowing a Peel P50, a three-wheeled so-called microcar, one that is barely bigger than a person sitting down on a chair. It's an adorable vehicle, but not exactly the most functional thing ever.

And WillNE didn't just take the Peel P50 for a short outing - instead, he drove it the entire length of the UK, starting at Lands' End in the south and ending at John O'Groats on the northern tip.

The car is basically limping by the end, with mechanical issues plaguing it for much of the journey, but there are a load of funny moments.

For one thing, a vehicle this tiny looks simply hilarious on normal roads - when it pulls up next to any other car, the difference in size just seems ridiculous.

Moments where it's overtaken by longer cars are funny, too. At one point, a hearse pulls past it looking more like a bus would to a normal car.

Of course, on busy motorways things get a bit hairier, with large trucks and other heavy vehicles underlining the fact that any accident in the Peel P50 would be a pretty terrible. In fact, the car is so small it apparently doesn't even have an airbag or seatbelt, which doesn't really scream health and safety to us.


But another very funny occasion comes when WillNE attempts to get drive-through takeaway food on the road - his car is so tiny and squat that he can barely be seen through the window.

In the end, racing two friends in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, he makes it all the way to John O'Groats with just minutes to spare before the 50-hour self-imposed deadline, and it's a great watch.

Unsurprisingly, people are loving it in the comments under the video, too, particularly praising WillNE's commitment to sleeping in the microcar as well as driving it. One person wrote: "You can tell how genuinely tired he is at the end, he really did go above and beyond for this video. Defo deserves more credit than it’s getting."

Another viewer said: "This is like OG Top Gear and I love it", calling back to the era of Top Gear when its major challenge videos were required weekly viewing, taking its cast to incredible locations.

Featured Image Credit: WillNE/YouTube