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Guy with no flying experience simulates an emergency landing and people are blown away

Guy with no flying experience simulates an emergency landing and people are blown away

They couldn't believe how it unfolded.

A man with no previous flying experience has wowed viewers who watched him simulate an emergency landing.

The person in question is YouTuber François Calvier, who is known for his adventurous content traveling around the world.

In this video, which has 3.4 million views, Calvier took on a flight simulation where he was tasked with performing an emergency landing.

Sitting down in the pilot’s seat, he said to the camera: “I imagine I have to contact the control tower, it must be on the handle. Is somebody hearing me? Is somebody hearing me? This is an absolute emergency. Is this even the right button?”

Working out how to take control of the aircraft, Calvier took instruction from air traffic control who guided him through the simulation of landing the plane.

In the video, they can be heard telling him: “On the ground, I will ask you to brake lightly with the pedals at your feet.” to which Calvier replies with: “Both at the same time?” And they confirm with: “Yes that’s right.”

Francois Calvier is known for his adventurous content (YouTube/@francoiscalvier)
Francois Calvier is known for his adventurous content (YouTube/@francoiscalvier)

Landing smoothly onto the tarmac, Calvier ‘cuts the gas’ and puts the plane into reverse as it slows down on the runway.

Coming to a complete stop, Calvier put the plane into park and the operator can be heard saying: “It’s perfect, congrats.”

Impressed viewers took to Reddit to share their thoughts, with one user posting: “I honestly think this would be fun, just would be super terrifying in an actual emergency.”

A second added: “I would have fluffed the first step, actually getting through to traffic control!”

While a third joked: “The camera man is just recording and not even trying to help in during this emergency.. Sickening.”

The fourth posed an interesting question, asking: “Genuine question but if this scenario were to actually happen, would atc [air traffic control] controllers actually have the knowledge to guide the landing plane?”

The YouTuber impressed viewers with the simulation (YouTube/@francoiscalvier)
The YouTuber impressed viewers with the simulation (YouTube/@francoiscalvier)

Of course, this situation was a simulation but what would happen if the worst case scenario became a reality?

This was the case for one unlucky passenger in 2022 when his flight from the Bahamas to Florida turned into a nightmare when the pilot became unwell.

With ‘no idea’ how to fly a plane, the unnamed man successfully landed an aircraft in Florida after the pilot became unwell.

The passenger was heard explaining to air traffic control: “I’ve got a serious situation here. My pilot has gone incoherent. I have no idea how to fly the airplane.”

An operator replied saying: “Roger. What’s your position?” which the passenger responded with: “I have no idea. I can see the coast of Florida in front of me. And I have no idea.”

Unbelievably, it was with the help of air traffic controllers instructing from the ground that the passenger was able to fly 70 miles and touch down at Palm Beach International Airport.

Featured Image Credit: François Calvier