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Video showing huge wind turbine on the move has everybody pointing out the same detail

Video showing huge wind turbine on the move has everybody pointing out the same detail

It's a pretty trippy video to watch.

A viral Reddit post has left people in awe this week, despite only being around 25 seconds long.

The video shows the transport of a single blade of a wind turbine, lashed to the back of a truck and slowly moving through what seem to be the streets of a town in the UK.

There are multiple amazing parts of the video, not the least of which is the sheer scale of that single blade, which can barely be captured from a single angle, but there's one amusing detail that has captured the imaginations of many commenters on the post.

They've all noticed that behind the truck, which is moving at a snail's pace for safety reasons, there's a single member of staff walking directly under the massive wing, in safety gear.

The top comment under the post, which has over 1.6 thousand upvotes alone, said: "Props to the guy walking directly underneath it."

This isn't the only response being impressed by the composure evident in the willingness to walk directly under such a huge object, either, with another observer saying: "That person walking behind the truck must be really confident in their Hard Hat."

As people have replied to that comment to point out, the situation probably means that a hard hat wouldn't do much if something went wrong here, so there must just be a lot of confidence in the logistics of the operation.

Even aside from this individual's everyday approach to what seems like a risky situation, other commenters are amazed at the mechanics of how the blade is being moved.

One person wrote: "Never really thought about it before, but those things must be seriously bottom-heavy to balance all that weight being thrown around by the blades."

This is a great point - the way that the blade sticks up and away from the truck really underlines how its weight must be distributed, but also shows that it must be far less heavy than a layperson might assume.

After all, there's just a single truck moving this freight, even if it's a pretty big one with a powerful engine, so you can tell the blade is carefully designed to weigh as little as possible, which presumably helps with its efficiency when being moved by the wind, too.

Another canny commenter has worked out where this is all happening, and it might be a more regular sight than you'd think in that area: "It's in Hull. There's a Siemens factory here where they make the blades."

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the location of a factory designed to build and then move these enormous pieces would be pretty used to seeing them shipped away to wherever they're going to be fitted as actual turbines.

We've also recently seen plans for a new, truly enormous plane that would be designed entirely to transport wind turbine blades like these.

Featured Image Credit: Justin Paget/Getty / jpc4stro/reddit