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Inside incredible new 'UFO looking' submarine launched as the ultimate vessel for deep sea sightseeing

Inside incredible new 'UFO looking' submarine launched as the ultimate vessel for deep sea sightseeing

The Triton 660/9 AVA is changing underwater exploration.

Deep sea sightseeing is being taken to a completely new level, thanks to an incredible new 'UFO looking' submarine.

The Triton 660/9 AVA, launched by Florida-based company Triton Submarines, could change the way people view the wonders of the ocean.

According to its makers, theirs is the world's first submersible with a free-form acrylic pressure hull, and it's designed to give people a panoramic view of the ocean as they travel in it.

The vessel is also, they say, able to travel to 660 ft, or 200 meters, and it can carry nine people in total - eight guests and a pilot.

A video on the YouTube channel of Triton Submarines shows it in action, and describes it as "a vessel of discovery crafted for extraordinary experiences".

It goes on to say that with "its groundbreaking pressure hole design it offers a versatile interior that adapts to a client's needs providing panoramic views for unparalleled underwater journeys".

It ends saying that it "isn't just a submarine, it's changing our experience with the ocean forever".

As reported by New Atlas, the vessel is thought to be available to luxury resorts and cruise ships.

They also say that the interior on the vessel can be kitted out in various ways, like a cocktail bar, or dining room, whatever the preference is.

The Triton submarine is changing the way people can view the depths of the ocean.

But they also point out one noticeable thing that's missing: a toilet!

Reports say that Triton has delivered the first 660/9 AVA to the Scenic Group. Named the Scenic Neptune II, it is on the cruise ship Scenic Eclipse II.

Patrick Lahey, President and Co-Founder of Triton Submarines, has been quoted by the Daily Express as saying: "We thank Scenic for their belief in Triton and our capacity to deliver the highly innovative Triton 660/9 AVA, which represents a new paradigm in the way people experience and interact with the ocean."

Featured Image Credit: Triton Submarines/YouTube