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Social media platform X suffers global outages for thousands of users

Social media platform X suffers global outages for thousands of users

People took to the website Downdetector, which tracks online outages, to report issues on X.

Social media platform X, formerly Twitter, suffered a global outage on Thursday morning with users unable to see their timelines.

Thousands took to the website Downdetector, which tracks online outages, to report issues with the platform’s app and website.

According to Downdetector, at one point more than 40,000 users in the US were having problems with X and X Pro.

A view of Downdetector showing a spike during the X outage.

There were problems in other countries too, with users in the UK and Asia unable to view posts.

Some users attempting to log into their X accounts found their timelines empty, with the home page displaying only the message: “Welcome to X!”.

However, users were still be able to post tweets, with the hashtag #TwitterDown starting to trend on the site within minutes of reports of the outages emerging, although those tweets could not be seen.

People shared their grievances on Downdetector, with one writing in the comments: "Mine is also broken - UK, I can tweet and people in the US can reply, but a lot of people in the US are having issues too".

Another said: "I can't do anything it acts like my account is new, anyone else?".

Elon Musk's X suffered a global outage for just under an hour.
Michael M. Santiago / Staff / Getty

The outage didn't last for too long though, around 45 minutes, before user timelines began to show as normal.

Billionaire Elon Musk took over the platform in a 44 billion dollar (£33.6 billion) deal last autumn.

So far neither X or Musk have commented on the outage.

Over the last few weeks, Musk has been outspoken about advertisers who have fled X over concerns about hate speech appearing alongside their ads.

A host of big brands, including Disney and IBM, have stopped advertising on X after a report by liberal advocacy group Media Matters alleged ads were appearing alongside pro-Nazi content and white nationalist posts.

X has since sued Media Matters over the report and allegations.

In November, appearing on stage for an interview at The New York Times DealBook Summit, Musk had strong words for businesses who had stopped ad spend on X, saying they were engaging in “blackmail”.

He had visited Israel and toured a kibbutz in the days before the interview, following accusations of antisemitism on X.

Host Andrew Ross Sorkin told Musk during the interview: “You’re clarifying this now, but there was a public perception that that was part of a apology tour, if you will… that this had been said online, there was all of the criticism, there was advertisers…”.

“I hope they stop,” Musk interjected. “Don’t advertise. If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f*** yourself.”

He added: “Go f*** yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is.”

Featured Image Credit: Credit: NurPhoto / Getty