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Clever smartphone hack to easily catch out a cheating partner

Clever smartphone hack to easily catch out a cheating partner

The tip lets you search through your partner's camera roll for any potentially revealing pics.

What should you do if you have a feeling, deep down, that your partner might be cheating on you?

If you have this gut feeling, a nuclear option is to go snooping on their phone.

Many would call that a breach of trust in itself, but that doesn't stop people from doing it all the time to see if they can catch someone out.

If you do grab their phone, it can be hard to know what to look for.

A TikTok video from 2022 is going viral again thanks to its, shall we say, informative approach to this problem.

Creator Leah Louvaine does her best to make it clear before she gets to the explanation that she knows this is a "toxic" move that she doesn't condone - but knows that might people want to do it if they're getting to the point where they can't not.

She explains that you can open up your partner's camera roll on their phone and, rather than just trying to scroll manually back through their photos in the hope of seeing something, instead start a search.

According to her tip, if you search the word 'brassiere', the phone won't reject the word as inappropriate, and will throw out any photos it has saved of people in their underwear or bikinis.

While this won't necessarily show you nudes, it could still give you an idea of who's photos your partner has saved - but it's worth noting, this largely only works if your partner is interested in women.


Unsurprisingly the comments under the video are full to the brim with people vouching for the method after trying it on their own phones, although some have also pointed out that it's not foolproof.

One comment explained: "Not necessarily if they’ve got them in the ‘hidden’ folder on camera roll which needs Face ID for it." This is true since both iOS and Android have hidden folder systems to let people keep photos of their choice safe and secure.

Louvaine replied to that comment with a red flag emoji, though, suggesting that she and others might see using this folder as a bit of a warning sign in the first place.

Obviously this is advocating a sort of scorched-earth approach, where the ends justify the means if you do catch someone cheating, so needless to say you're going to want to think carefully before following this particular tip.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Cade / Halfpoint Images / Getty