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Man explores the world’s most technologically advanced prison where there’s over 1,700 active cameras

Man explores the world’s most technologically advanced prison where there’s over 1,700 active cameras

Surveillance is pretty high here, for obvious reasons.

Most of us will never see the inside of a prison - let alone one of the most secure and technologically advanced penitentiaries in the world.

A recent video from tech YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has given a peek into just this - going behind the doors of a prison in the UK called HMP Fosse Way, giving us a really interesting view of its high-tech security measures.

At times this technology just means the sheer number of cameras around the place - there are over 1,700 in total, and many lobbies and rooms have a dozen or more covering every possible angle.

There are also frequent airlock rooms, where only one door can be opened at a time, to stop people from forcing their way out.

Although the video contained some pretty wild details, there were also moments when things have to be blurred out in order to ensure that sensitive details couldn't be leaked.

There are also some less technological measures as well, of course - from fences that are more than five meters tall and reinforced with sheeting to prevent any possibility of climbing, to intercoms and doors you can only be buzzed through remotely.

The video goes through a bunch of sections, including how the prison stops drugs from coming in (another low-tech solution, since drug-sniffing dogs are still a major part of the process), as well as the methods used to watch evolving situations - such as escapes.

These are monitored by officers using drones - the enterprise-only versions of DJI drones - much like those you can buy in stores, although these ones are fitted with a thermal camera. Let's just say: if you ever tried to escape Fosse Way, these would make things really challenging.

Mrwhosetheboss / YouTube

Perhaps the most technologically reassuring section is about the prison's workshops. These are effectively training systems to help with rehabilitation as prisoners near the point of release.

Impressively, there are some really great bits of tech in there too, from full simulators built by CAT to let people practice using their heavy machinery in a VR headset, to precise tools to learn how to become opticians.

All of this tech (and there's even more to check out in the full video) is monitored and organized by a central control room with round-the-clock staff keeping an eye on all angles and systems. All of this is also recorded in case they need to check the backup at any point.

Featured Image Credit: Mrwhosetheboss / YouTube