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People swear they'll never buy disposable vapes again after seeing how they’re made

People swear they'll never buy disposable vapes again after seeing how they’re made

A shocking amount of material goes into the single-use product.

A YouTuber has sparked a visceral reaction in e-cigarette smokers - making them vow never to purchase disposable vapes again.

According to results from the 2023 Annual Young Tobacco Survey, more than one in four young people (25.2 percent) are using e-cigarettes daily.

Moreover, around 2.13 million students in the US are reportedly vaping and nine out of ten are favoring flavors such as candy, mint and menthol.

While many studies claim vaping is less harmful than smoking, the practice still isn’t safe and research suggests that the act can still have a negative effect on your heart and lungs.

Just like cigarettes, vapes contain nicotine - a drug that approximately 23.6 million American adults are addicted to, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Having a nicotine addiction can cause a myriad of health woes; high blood pressure, narrowing of the body’s arteries, difficulty concentrating and increased hunger.

If these symptoms can’t convince you to quit your vaping habit then maybe learning how they’re made in a factory may put you off.

Last year, a YouTuber called Ryan Horace uploaded a one-minute video to the platform - showing how some cigarette substitutes are made in a factory setting.

In the quick clip, viewers can see the computer-aided design of the vape label and packaging, before the wiring gets done in bulk, and the electrical testing is performed.

YouTube/Ryan Horace
YouTube/Ryan Horace

A production line then works to assemble the products and get them into their colorful castings, before someone else applies the mouthpiece on top.

This latter aspect is what people are having an issue with because the person in the video who added the mouthpiece wasn’t wearing gloves.

According to many, this apparent lack of hygiene is putting them off vaping again, as per LadBible.

After watching the YouTube video, one viewer wrote: “You are telling me that they are touching the tips of the vape without any glove on??

“Didn't they know that their hands release grease constantly soo imagine while working?”

A second typed: “Bruuuh i would not buy these lol I ain't looking to have a stranger finger print on my vape tips when I buy it.”

“Well, that doesn't look very appetizing, how they attach the mouthpieces without gloves, see 0:28,” commented another.

A fourth said: “That was definitely the last one I bought after seeing that. (gag)”

Other viewers have commented on how much plastic is used to assemble a vape, with one penning: “What a wasteful product.”

YouTube/Ryan Horace
YouTube/Ryan Horace

Due to single-use e-cigarettes being made of a multitude of materials, it can be difficult to recycle them.

According to Waste Managed, you shouldn’t include vapes - disposable or rechargeable - in your general waste or recycling bin.

Instead, drop them off at a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive bin at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or try a vape shop as they may have a dedicated bin.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Ryan Horace / coldsnowstorm / Getty