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Insane footage shows skydivers flying through London’s Tower Bridge at 153 miles per hour in world first

Insane footage shows skydivers flying through London’s Tower Bridge at 153 miles per hour in world first

Red Bull skydivers have pulled off another unbelievable stunt.

We've some pretty incredible stunts in our time, but this one surely has to be near the top.

It's the kind of extreme exploit that you'll want to watch through your fingers.

It came from Red Bull - who have previously pulled off everything from jumping from space to changing planes midair.

It involved two skydivers wingsuit flying through London's Tower Bridge on May 12 - check it out here:

Austrian Red Bull skydivers Marco Furst, 33, and Marco Waltenspiel, 39, seem remarkably chill about this extremely difficult stunt, with one simply proclaiming "see ya" as they jumped out of the helicopter at a staggering 3,000 feet high.

However, the nerves obviously started to kick in as they continued their descent, one is heard saying: "So intense, man."

But there was nothing to be worried about: they zoomed down to 35 meters above the River Thames, before soaring through Tower Bridge.

The duo completed a complex aerial maneuver known as a 'flare', allowing them to fly upwards to 80 meters - from there, they could safely open their parachutes, before landing on two little docks on the river.

It might seem like time stood still as Furst and Waltenspiel completed the stunt - but in reality, the wingsuit flight only lasted 45 seconds. They covered a distance of 1.2km, reaching an incredible top speed of 246.

Joerg Mitter/RedBull/PA
Joerg Mitter/RedBull/PA

And safe to say the daredevils were pretty pleased by the result.

Furst told the PA news agency it was a "dream come true", with Waltenspiel adding: "It was intense from the beginning - we took off on the helicopter 20 minutes before and then we flew into London, the sunrise was amazing, the city looked so good.

“We approached the bridge and then we were in the zone and we went for it.”

As you can probably imagine, the success of this stunt wasn't down to luck. The two men are part of the Red Bull Skydive Team and have completed more than 22,000 jumps between them.

For this particular exploit, they did over 200 practice jumps, undergoing training at a ground in Oxfordshire where two cranes were used to mimic the dimensions of the Tower Bridge.

Dominik Angerer/RedBull/PA
Dominik Angerer/RedBull/PA

And needless to say, it wasn't like there were loads of pedestrians trotting across the bridge while the stunt was in action.

A spokesperson for Red Bull said Tower Bridge had been closed for the jump and told PA: “Red Bull worked closely with all the relevant authorities, had all authorizations in place for this World First and ensured that the jump was carried out to the highest safety standards.”

Featured Image Credit: Red Bull