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Police arrest YouTuber who filmed himself doing dangerous 200 mph motorcycle challenge

Police arrest YouTuber who filmed himself doing dangerous 200 mph motorcycle challenge

Let's just say it's a very public way to break the law.

If you ever want to get arrested for doing something illegal, there's no better way than by filming yourself and sticking the footage up on social media.

That's what looks to have happened to YouTuber Gixxer Brah, real name Rendon Dietzmann, a motorcyclist who went viral recently for his high-speed footage.

His YouTube channel isn't exactly underground, either, with more than 250,000 subscribers tuning in to watch his videos, which often involved GoPro footage of outrageously fast driving.

Footage he shared late last year seemed to show him driving from Colorado Springs to Denver.

That might sound relatively normal, until you hear that he did the trip in around 20 minutes, frequently driving at speeds well over 150 miles per hour.

It's a 71-mile trip, and Google Maps indicates that it should take just over an hour, so to take a third of that time demonstrates how fast Dietzmann drove, as does the jaw-droppingly dangerous footage.

It shows him weaving in and out of lanes constantly, ducking around cars and trucks to make his way more quickly, and unsurprisingly it caught the attention of the police - this sort of driving isn't legal anywhere outside of a racetrack.

YouTube/Gixxer Brah

That video clearly wasn't one that Dietzmann expected to get as much attention as it did, as he has since deleted it from his YouTube channel, but the damage was already done, and a warrant went out for his arrest.

Among other charges, his list includes reckless driving, reckless endangerment and engaging in a speed contest - none of which seem too surprising.

Now it looks like the police now have their man - Dietzmann was reportedly arrested at a home in Texas on February 7 on a separate charge.

But in the days leading up to the arrest, Dietzmann didn't seem too bothered by the attention - and uploaded videos to his YouTube channel featuring clips of news stories talking about his case. One of the videos was even given the title: 'Maybe you've heard of me'.

The channel hasn't been active since the time of his arrest, though, so it's possible that the reality of the situation (or indeed simply incarceration) is starting to sink in.

UNILAD Tech has reached out to Dietzmann through his social media.

Featured Image Credit: YOUTUBE/GIXXER BRAH