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People warned against using viral packing trick after passenger banned from flight

People warned against using viral packing trick after passenger banned from flight

The passenger was pulled back by airport security and shown arguing with staff.

Any savvy traveller who's flown on a budget airline knows the struggle of airline baggage allowances.

Will your carry-on bag fit the strict size requirements or will you have to pay an extra £20 for a second bag? It's a dilemma most of us face if we wish to go abroad.

Wherever there's a rule, however, there's always someone trying to find a loophole.

Holidaymakers are becoming increasingly cunning when it comes to packing extra items in the hope they don't get pulled back by security.

One trick has gone viral on TikTok known as the 'pillow hack.'

This hack involves stuffing clothes into pillowcases or neck pillows to avoid the extra bag fee.

miniseries / Getty
miniseries / Getty

The idea is that a pillow is considered a 'comfort item' by airports, so you wouldn't have to pay for an additional bag.

However, it turns out that airports have caught on to this poorly kept secret - or at least it was a poor attempt - leading to one traveller’s holiday ending before he got on the plane.

In a TikTok clip shared by @natashaorganic, one traveller was spotted arguing with airport security after trying to board a flight at Orlando International Airport with a pillowcase packed full of clothes.

'Stop letting social media give you tips and tricks because sometimes it's not gonna work,' she said while filming the argument in front of her.

'This dude was trying to take in a pillowcase full of clothing and other items which he is stating was simply just a pillowcase and the dude was was like bro, everybody can see it's not a freaking pillow, like come on.'

She continued: 'They gave him the chance to pay for it, he went all the way up until they closed the doors to be like okay, I'll pay for it now, and then he tried to like bogart his way into the freaking, into the plane.'

South_agency / Getty
South_agency / Getty

Airport security ended up calling the police to deal with the passenger after he refused to comply.

'And he ended up getting escorted out, so stop listening to the internet,' she added.

Social media is great for sharing both useful and useless information. But, as with anything you read, don't trust everything you see. And don't try to pull off something that is probably blatantly obvious that you can't.

Viewers were shocked to see that someone would risk getting into trouble at the airport and potentially having their name end up on the no-fly list.

'I’ll fight anyone anywhere anytime but never the airport. Getting out in the “no fly list” is worse than a bad credit score,' one TikToker replied.

'Exactly! If someone at the airport tells me no, I’m listening to them not Social media,' another wrote.

Featured Image Credit: miniseries / South_agency / Getty