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'Mystic' cat adopted spookily 'predicted more than 100 residents' deaths' in care home

'Mystic' cat adopted spookily 'predicted more than 100 residents' deaths' in care home

He supported those in their final moments.

When most people adopt a pet, they don't expect it to be able to predict death.

Saying that, there are remarkable animals out there like dogs that can detect epileptic seizures, changes in blood sugar levels and even some cancers.

But owners got more than they bargained for when Oscar the cat had the mystic ability to predict when people were going to die.

Oscar was adopted by a retirement home where he used his unique ability to 'predict the deaths of over 100 residents by spending time with them when he sensed they were in their last moments.'


u/Jjokes11 shared a photo of Oscar on Reddit alongside the caption: 'Oscar the Cat was adopted by the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.'

Initially intending to be a therapy cat for the staff, it was soon realised that he 'didn’t spend much time with any of the residents and kept mostly to his self.'

Until one day when he showed 'great interest in one resident specifically and showed great affection towards them.

'That resident soon died a few days later.'

The article continued: 'The workers realized that Oscar only spent time with certain residents when he somehow knew they were in their last moments.

'One time, the workers tried to get him to spend time with a senior who they believed were going to die soon only for him to spend time with a seemly healthy senior. That seemly healthy senior soon died a few days later.'

Joan Teno, a physician at Steere House, said that the cat 'always managed to make an appearance [...] in the last two hours.

Gert Stockmans/Unsplash
Gert Stockmans/Unsplash

'[...]Staff started calling family members of residents as soon as they discovered him sleeping next to a patient in order to notify them and give them an opportunity to say goodbye before the impending death.'

Sadly, Oscar died on February 22nd, 2022 at the age of 17 but lived a life of good deeds, comforting those who needed it most.

The remarkable story inspired others to share similar experiences with gifted animals.

One person wrote: 'That actually happened when I worked as an aid in a nursing home, years ago. One of my residents was 100 years old and her time was coming to an end. Our home’s cat, Louie, started spending time in the woman’s room.'

The cat's presence unnerved the woman's daughter so much that she demanded the cat be removed.

'Unfortunately, the cat was right,' the commenter added.

What would we do without our beloved furry companions?

Featured Image Credit: jjokes11/Reddit