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This is what inside looks like of 'dystopian' apartment complex home to 20,000 residents that never need to go outside

This is what inside looks like of 'dystopian' apartment complex home to 20,000 residents that never need to go outside

This insanely huge building can house up to 30,000 people.

If you've been anywhere on the internet this week, you probably would have seen the absolutely wild building in China that has room for 30,000 residents.

The enormous building has been getting a lot of attention on social media in the last couple of weeks as drone footage showed off its sheer scale, with people getting their heads around the fact there are 20,000 residents in it (with room for 10,000 more).

TikTok user Yasmin - whose handle is @official_yasmin - took the bold step of actually going to the Regent International to have a peek inside.

As she enters, we get a glimpse of what looks like a really lavish entryway on the ground floor. This makes perfect sense, given the building was initially planned as a six-star hotel before it was turned into residential apartments.

The most interesting segment in the TikTok, though, comes right near the end, when Yasmin says there is a huge restaurant on the building's 32nd floor. This is apparently open to all residents, although you do need to book into it.

That's no surprise since it doubtless can't feed 20,000 people at once - but we're sure it's still a massive space.

TikTok/ @yasminvroon

And the restaurant isn't the only amenity in the building. If you wanted, you'd never even have to leave the Regent International - as it's also stocked with supermarkets, nail salons, hairdressers, fitness centers and more.

The comments under Yasmin's video are full of people trying to digest the size of the building, as you'd imagine, but there are some funny observations.

One comment asked: "If you work in that restaurant and live in the same building; are you working from home?"

And people can't get over the scale of it all, with another observing: "My whole town fits in there with 10 thousand people to spare and literally rn as many people as my town live there."

The Regent International is indeed seriously large, but it's surprisingly affordable if you wanted to join the 20,000 people there right now - you can get a small apartment for as little as $210 (albeit one without windows).

Featured Image Credit: MetaRoid/YouTube / @yasminvroon/TikTok